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OGCE Workflow Suite offers tools to wrap command-line applications as light weight web services, compose workflows from those web services and, execute and monitor the workflows.

The Workflow Suite consists of the following tools:

The Generic Service Toolkit (GFAC) allows users to wrap any command-line application as a web service.
The XRegistry allows users to store, search and retrieve documents. XRegistry is the information repository of the workflow suite enabling users to register, search and access application service and workflow deployment descriptions.  
The XBaya workflow composer is a Java webstart application. It can be used for composing workflows from web services created by the GST, and running and monitoring those workflows.

OGCE Bridge is a unified REST service for Job Management

Installing the Workflow Suite in OGCE

The OGCE workflow suite consists of two web services (XRegistry and GFAC) and two portlets (the GFac portlet and XBaya Workflow Composer portlet). The XBaya Workflow Composer Portlet is part of the OGCE portal distribution and so does not have to be installed separately. The following instructions are for installing and running the XRegistry, GFac portlet and the GFac service.


Before you install any component in the OGCE Workflow Suite, make sure you install the following:

  1. MyProxy credentials generated and stored in a MyProxy server
  2. MySQL (version 5 or later). This is used by the XRegistry service, which has detailed instructions on MySQL configuration.
  3. JDK 1.5 or higher on every Service Host i.e every host (resource) on which you may run an application service
  4. Maven 2.0.7. This is included in the OGCE Portal download.

Note that the XRegistry, GFAC, and OGCE portal all run on separate on separate Web servers and can be configured to run on separate host machines if desired.

Download and Install the OGCE Portal

The workflow suite and gadget container are packaged together in the OGCE "All" release. Click here for download and installation instructions.

CA Certificates Bundles with Workflow Suite

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