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OGCE "All" Download

This is our primary software bundle. The release includes (in a single download)

  • The OGCE Gadget Container,
  • A collection of third party gadgets,
  • The XRegsitry and Experiment Builder gadgets for scientific services and workflows,
  • The XBaya workflow composer tool,
  • The XRegistry service registry, and
  • The GFAC application factory service for wrapping standalone applications as secure services.

We release code and patches as tagged SVN releases. Obtain updates and patches to tagged versions by using the "svn update" command. Updates to tags are announced through our news feed. Updates to the trunk occur daily.

Getting the Trunk Code

This is recommended for collaborating developers.

SVN Checkout

You can access the latest checkins using SVN.

 svn co https://ogce.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/ogce/ogce-all-rc1

Building the Trunk Code

The instructions are the same as described in more detail under the tagged release.

  1. In the top level ogce-all-rc1 directory, edit the pom.xml properties to update the server IP address.
  2. Untar the provided Apache Maven 3.0 and add its bin directory to your path.
  3. Run the command "mvn clean install"
  4. Start the portal and optional services with the provided convenience scripts: startup-gadget-container.sh, startup-gfac.sh, and startup-xregistry.sh.
  5. To rebuild without downloading all jars again, use the -o" option: mvn -o clean install
  6. To rebuild just one component module, such as the gadget container, use
 mvn clean install -f gadget-container/pom.xml

Testing Your Build

Post-installation tests for the gadget container are located in the ogce-tests sub-directory.

Getting the "TG10" Tagged Code

This is the latest stable version.

SVN Checkout

You can check out the OGCE "all" code using an SVN client:

 svn co https://ogce.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/ogce/ogce-all-tg10

Checkout and build instructions

In short, just edit properties in the ogce-all-tg10/pom.xml as appropriate and then run "mvn clean install" with Maven 2.2.1 (provided in the download). If you are running XRegistry, you need to also set up MySQL. This is described in XRegistry. Detailed instructions are below.

  • Make sure you are using Java 1.6 and make sure the JAVA_HOME environment variable is set.
  java -version

  • Set JAVA_HOME if it is not set. For example,
  export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/jdk1.6.0_19/
  • Once the checkout is complete change to the ogce-all-tg10
  cd ogce-all-tg10
  • Untar Apache Maven and add it to your path:
  tar -zxf  apache-maven-2.2.1-bin.tar.gz
  export PATH=$HOME/ogce-all-rc1/apache-maven-2.2.1/bin:$PATH
  • Some of the components require Maven 2.2.1, so make sure you are using this version. Use mvn -v to verify.
  • Set the MAVEN_OPTS environment variable to increase available heap memory to Maven.
  export  MAVEN_OPTS="-Xmx1024m -Xms512m"
  • If you want to use XRegistry (optional), edit the pom.xml and make the following changes in the XRegistry Parameters section.
  vi pom.xml 
   1. Replace <databaseUrl>jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/xregistry_ogce</databaseUrl> with the following:
   2. Replace <databaseUser>xreg_ogce</databaseuser> with the following:
   3. Replace <databasePass>xreg_pass</databasePass> with your training password.
  • If the checkout is not made in the root folder, then the 'project.home' has to be changed to include the path
          <project.home>${env.HOME}/ogce-all-tg10</project.home> has to be changed into <project.home>${env.HOME}/xxxx/ogce-all-tg10</project.home> where xxxx is the folder name
  • Edit the Parent Pom for Gadget Container's hostname or you can edit the property file:
 vi pom.xml change portal.server.ip from to your machine's name eg. gw40.quarry.iu.teragrid.org
 vi gadget-container/config/ishindig.properties; change site.host from ${portal.server.ip} to your machine's name eg. gw40.quarry.iu.teragrid.org

  • (Optional) To make use of the friend connect gadgets, we have to get the ID from the www.google.com/friendconnect/ by giving the Website URL.
 vi gadget-container/config/ishindig.properties; change site.friendconnectID to the ID which you have generated using friendconnect
  • Start the build using the mvn goals
  mvn clean install
  • If you just want to rebuild one component, such as the gadget container, you run the command
  mvn clean install -f gadget-container/pom.xml

Portal Toolkit 2.5 Download (Obsolete)

This release is obsolete and is based on the portlet standard. You can download the portal either as a single tar file or by using SVN checkout of the tagged release. The SVN checkout will give you the ability to make minor updates using svn update. Update notices are posted on our RSS feed/blog page.

Download Tar

Date Download Link Alt. Link Approx. Size
June 22, 2009 ogce-portal-only-release-2.5.tar.gz ogce-portal-only-release-2.5.tar.gz 97 MB

SVN Checkout

You can check out the code using an SVN client:

 svn co https://ogce.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/ogce/tags/ogce-portal-only-2.5-release

Release Features

Version 2.5 features include


The OGCE portal download includes everything you need to get started building a Java-based Grid portal, including Tomcat 5.5 web server, GridSphere 2.1 portlet container, and OGCE Grid portlets. Capabilities include

  • Grid credential management
  • Secure remote file management
  • Secure remote code execution
  • Views of Grid information services such as machine load, usage, and queue wait time
  • Workflow composers (XBaya)

For more information on individual portlet components, see the portlet documentation.


The OGCE portal software requires Java SDK 1.5 or higher and should be installed on Linux, Unix, or Mac OS X operating systems.

Portal Documentation

The collection of links below provide instructions on installing and using the portal. You can also get help by contacting the OGCE team.

Portal Toolkit 2.4 Download

Download Tar

Date Download Link Approx. Size
November 14, 2008 ogce-portal-only-release-2.4.tar.gz 97 MB

SVN Checkout

You can check out the code using an SVN client:

 svn co https://ogce.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/ogce/tags/ogce-portal-only-release-2.4

Release Features

Version 2.4 features include

  • The TeraGrid User Portal's File Manager applet: Interactively move files between your desktop and the TeraGrid with this applet.
  • Numerous bug fixes and improvements: For more information, see this blog post

Portal Toolkit 2.3 Download

The portal version 2.3 is available. This download includes everything you need to get started except Java. Software includes portlets under "OGCE Portlet Documentation" on the left hand sidebar as well as a tomcat server, Gridsphere 2.1, and installation tools. It does not include OGCE services, which are available as separate downloads.

Date Download Link Approx. Size
July 7, 2008 ogce-portal-only-2.3.1.tar.gz 65 MB

Optional Maven 2 Dowloads

We also strongly recommend that you download our Maven 2 repository. These are all the third party jars used in the release. Unpack this tar in your $HOME directory. It should create the file $HOME/.m2. If you choose not to download this, the OGCE build process will attempt to download all the jars required during the first build.

Date Download Link Approx. Size
June 6, 2008 m2.tar.gz 155 MB

Older Releases

All releases can be found in


Portal Toolkit 2.1 Download

See the Installation link for more information. Use the GNU sum and md5sum commands to obtain the checksum, block count, and MD5 digest. Use these to verify the integrity of your download.

We strongly encourage you to download the maven respository jars linked below. This is not required but because of the large number of third party jars, you may experience problems with the installation that result from difficulties populating your local Maven repository.

Date Download Link
June 4, 2007 ogce2-2.1.tar.gz

Click here to get previous releases in this series.

Recommended Maven Jar Downloads for 2.1

The OGCE portal release uses Maven 1.0.2 to download jars from remote repositories. This can take a very long time on your first portal build and may result in time-outs, so we strongly encourage you to download the Maven repository snapshot.

Date Download Link
June 4, 2007 dot-maven-2.1.tar.gz

To install these jars, do the following:

 cd $HOME
 tar -zxvf dot-maven-2.0.tar.gz
 ls -a $HOME|grep .maven

Portal Release Notes

June 6, 2008: OGCE 2.2 Release Notes

  * Major revisions to XBaya workflow composer to comply with updates to the rest of the [Workflow] suite.
  * Bug fixes to GPIR
  * Updates to PURSe portlets.

November 21, 2007: OGCE 2.2 Release Notes

  * Complete revision of the build system to use Maven 2.
  * Addition of 
  * File management features consolidated into a single file portlet, file-manager.
  * TeraGrid's Batch Queue Prediction (QBETS) portlet added
  * Updates to CoG version 4.1.4

June 3, 2007: OGCE 2.1 Release Notes

  * Condor-G portlet released.
  * Minor Bug fixes 

Nov 10, 2006: OGCE 2.0.4 Notes

This release includes the following updates:

   * OGCE is now configured and tested to work with TeraGrid GRAM, GridFTP, and GPIR services out of the box. You can still also use OGCE Grid portlets 
     with your own Globus installation.
   * Condor portlets completely rewritten to work with Condor 6.8.
   * PURSe Portlets added to the main build process.
   * PBS submission bug fixed in the batch job submission portlet.
   * Gridsphere version updated to 2.1.5. This is our preferred version for stability and scalability.

May 31, 2006: OGCE 2.0.3 Notes

  * Condor portlet revised to correctly handle requirement input fields and standard output/error redirection specified in the input fields.

May 17, 2006: OGCE 2.0.2 Notes

   * Removed an obsolete portlet.xml file under ogce-portal/src/ that caused problems with the GridSphere 2.1.2 role manager portlet.
   * Updated the main installation script to fail correctly and complain if Gridsphere installation fails because of a broken Ant 
     on some Redhat Fedora boxes. See http://ant.apache.org/faq.html#InstantiationException

May 9, 2006: OGCE 2.0.1 Notes

Includes an updated GPIR 1.2.2 service and some fixes to the installation script to provide more warnings and exit conditions to prevent incomplete installations.

May 8, 2006: OGCE2 2.0.0 release Notes

Includes update of GPIR web service to version 1.2.1.

May 1, 2006

The RC 4 is the first public release candidate of the OGCE2 2.0 release.

OGCE Web Site Download

You can download and build the OGCE web site to keep documentation at hand. Click the link to download and untar as usual. Date Download Link November 10, 2006 ogce2-website.tar.gz

To build the documentation, follow these steps:

 tar -zxvf ogce2-website.tar.gz
 cd ogce2-website
 maven clean xdoc
Web site tools