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This project component provides an Open Social-compatible gadget layout container and gadget host server.


The OGCE Gadget Container portal includes a bug-fixed and patched Apache Shindig gadget container (version 1.1). This includes support for SSL, so you can securely serve Grid gadgets such as developed in the OGCE's Cyberaide JavaScript project.

  • Secure HTTPS access for all pieces: the layout manager, locally served gadgets, and the gadget container.
  • Incorporate both locally served and externally created gadgets: GMail, Facebook, Twitter, News Feeds, etc.
  • User profile management
  • Support for OpenID login and profiles
  • Provide skins for different layout colors
  • Provide tabbed and tree-based layouts.
  • Drag and drop gadgets between columns


You need

  • Java 1.6 or newer
  • Apache Maven 3.0 or newer. This is provided in the portal download.

The portal uses H2 as its database management system, but you can optionally replace this with MySQL. You can reuse the MySQL installation from other OGCE projects such as the Resource Prediction Service.

As with other OGCE projects, the download includes an Apache Tomcat server and builds with Maven in one step.

Download and Installation

The Gadget Container is included as part of the OGCE "All" release. Please see the Portal Download page for instructions for getting stable versions of the code. In summary, do the following to get the trunk:

  1. svn co https://ogce.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/ogce/ogce-all-rc1
  2. cd ogce-all-rc1 and edit pom.xml to provide your local property values (the IP address of your server).
  3. mvn clean install -Dgadgets-and-clients=true

The gadgets-and-clients property only builds the gadget container and its dependencies.

Configuration Documentation

Please read OGCE gadget portal configuration for a fuller description of database and other configuration options.

Theme Customization

Please read OGCE gadget container theme customization for instructions about how to fully customize the theme.

Cleaning Up and Rebuilding

If you need to uninstall and clean up your distribution, do these steps from the ogce-all-rc1 directory.

  mvn clean

Note this will not delete the H2 database files, so your user accounts and configuration customizations will be preserved. If you want to clean these out also and start from a blank slate, you should manually remove the $HOME/ogce-h2-data data directory.

Developer APIs: RPC Services and Callbacks


Zhenhua Guo, Raminderjeet Singh, Marlon Pierce Building the PolarGrid Portal Using Web 2.0 and OpenSocial GCE09 Grid Computing Environments 2009 workshop at SC09 Portland Oregon November 20 2009

Older Releases

These are provided as is. We recommend you go to Portal Download instead. To download, click the link below.

Date Download Link Alt. Link
June 22, 2009 ogce-gadget-container-SC09.tar.gz ogce-gadget-container-SC09.tar.gz
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