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OGCE Axis Services are an integrated download of Apache Axis based Web Services. Current services include

The OGCE Axis Services package provides a one-step installation process for all of these services.


  • Java 1.5 or higher
  • MySql 5.0 or higher (for RPS)
  • Maven 2.0.7 or higher

Get the Code

SVN Release Tag

This is release tag. Get this if you want a stable but not necessarily perfect release.

  svn co https://ogce.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/ogce/tags/ogce-axis-services-release-SC08-1.0

Updates to this tag will increment 1.0.

SVN Access

Get this if you want to try the absolute latest version. This may have bug fixes but also new problems, so check the commit messages. Use this command to check out the code:

  svn co https://ogce.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/ogce/ogce-axis-services

You can then install following the instructions below. To update your release, run the command

  svn update

from the ogce-axis-services directory.

Just Want the Tars?

If you don't want to deal with SVN, you can download the ogce-axis-services directory as a TAR from SourceForge. Check the link at the bottom of the page at the links below:

  * Tagged release: http://ogce.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/ogce/tags/ogce-axis-services-release-SC08-1.0
  * Latest snapshpt: http://ogce.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/ogce/ogce-axis-services/

It's the link Download GNU tarball.


The download includes Tomcat 5.5.27. Services will be deployed into this Tomcat by default. NOTE on Ports: the packaged build uses port 9090 by default instead of the usual 8080.

  1. Download the services package. You may also check it out anonymously from our SVN. This allows you to easily obtain updates and bug fixes.
  2. Unpack and change directories: cd ogce-axis-services
  3. Check properties in ogce-axis-services/pom.xml
  4. Run the installation command mvn clean install
  5. Start your tomcat server as usual, or use our convenience scripts ./startup-tomcat.sh and ./shutdown-tomcat.sh.
  6. Point your browser to http://localhost:9090/axis2/ and verify the services can be listed.

The Resource Prediction Service requires some additional configuration. Detailed instructions are here. In summary,

  1. Install MySQL and create the RPS database and users.
  2. Start the RPS agent: cd ogce-axis-services/rps-agent; ./rpsAgent ./rps.properties
  3. Check rps-agent/var/services.log to see if the agent started correctly.

To build/rebuild individual services, use the command mvn -o clean install -f rps/pom.xml (to rebuild the RPS service, for example.)

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