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The Open Gateway Computing Environments

The OGCE develops, packages and releases software downloads for building Science Gateways, Grid Portals, and related tools for Web access to Grid and Cloud computing resources. Our component projects are described below. Click the link in the Component column of the table below to get download links and build instructions.

OGCE Joins Apache: The OGCE portal and workflow components now are part of two Apache Software Foundation Incubator projects. Apache Rave is the next generation of the OGCE Gadget Container, and Apache Airavata is the successor to the OGCE Workflow Suite. We are transitioning our source code to Apache's SVN.

Contact Us

See the contacts page for information on how to contact us.

What Does It Do?

OGCE develops and packages downloadable software for building science gateways. We have several screen capture videos that illustrate how to install and use the software.

Downloadable Components

The following downloadable components are provided while we transition to Apache Airavata and Apache Rave. For the latest source code, please see these project pages.

Click the link in the left-most column for download instructions. Or just go here.

Component Summary Is This What I want? Download Status
OGCE "All" Release A self contained release that includes the OGCE Gadget Container, a collection of third party gadgets (including sample [FriendConnect collaborative gadgets), XRegistry and Experiment Builder gadgets, the XBaya workflow composer, the XRegistry Service, and the GFAC application factory service. Packaged with Maven 2 to support one-command installation. Download if you want to build a Science Gateway portal and services. TG10 Tagged Release
OGCE Portal A collection of JSR 168 Grid portlets for interacting with Globus GRAM, GridFTP, Condor, GPIR, QBETS, and related services. Packaged with Maven 2 to support one-command installation. Download if you want to quickly build a traditional Grid-style Gateway to the TeraGrid. Stable Version 2.5
Workflow Suite Portlets, Java Web Start clients, and Web Services for managing scientific workflows Download if you are interested in scientific workflows. TG09 Dev. Release
Axis Web Services Grid cluster information services suite with one-command installation packaging. These work with and add value to GPIR, Inca, Network Weather Service, and QBETS services Use this if you want to provide information services to your gateway on your Grid's status. Stable Version 1.0
OGCE Gadget Container This is a Web container for managing the layouts of iGoogle gadgets. The download includes a Tomcat server and features a one-step installation Get this if you want to host your own version of iGoogle for your Web portal project. SC09 Stable Release
Cyberaide JavaScript libraries for building Grid applications. Get this if you are interested in rich desktop clients or enhancing non-Java frameworks (PHP, Ruby, Pylons, etc) with Grid functions SC09 Dev. Release
ORPS Resource Prediction System . To see info about a teragrid resource to run your job TG11 Dev. Release
OGCE Service REST Bridge REST wrapper to invoke GFAC services . To run services for simple grid TG11 Dev. Release

Getting Code

Click the link in the above table for download instructions. We try to keep installation procedures as simple as possible, so the typical process for each component is

  • Get the code. You can either download a tar file or use SVN's checkout command. We support anonymous checkouts and open code browsing through SourceForge. Releases include supporting
  • Unpack it. Use tar to unpack.
  • Edit your properties. Local properties, such as your server's IP address, are defined in the project's top level pom.xml file. Open and edit.
  • Run the command "mvn clean install." We use Apache Maven to manage the build process for all components. Components can be built with the command mvn clean install.
  • Start the web server. The Maven build process will deploy code into a provided Tomcat server. Start the server in the usual way, or use our provided scripts.

Component projects (portal, server, gadget container, etc) are developed as collections of modules. You can recompile and deploy individual modules using mvn clean install -f path/to/module/pom.xml.

Key to Release Status

  • Stable Releases are provided as TAR downloads. These are stable and will not have major changes to the core, although additional add-on features will be released. These have been integrated into the NMI nightly build test bed. Tagged SVN releases are also available.
  • Development Releases are actively developed and will undergo changes to the core and add-ons. Stable, functioning releases that will correctly build are tagged and accessible via SVN checkouts.
  • Development Previews are actively developed and may undergo dramatic changes. Demonstration releases that will correctly build are tagged and accessible via SVN checkouts. These are "use at your own risk" and may change dramatically.

We encourage collaborations and contributions in developing software, so if you want to help improve codes, particularly development releases and previews, please contact us.

OGCE Messaging service

See here for more information on our SVN and nightly builds.

OGCE Team Members

We are an NSF-funded collaboration comprised of Indiana University, San Diego State University, San Diego Supercomputer Center, and the Texas Advanced Computing Center. See Project Team for more information.


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