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Cyberaide Javascript provides JavaScript APIs to common grid services, including MyProxy certificate management, Globus GRAM remote job management, and GridFTP remote file transfers. Cyberaide JavaScript is built on top of the JavaScript COG and its Karajan workflow layer.


What Can You Do with Cyberaide JavaScript?

Cyberaide JavaScript provides an API for adding Grid functionality to Rich Client Applications using JavaScript. You can

  • Build a Grid mash-up. The included example jsportal.html provides a sophisticated mash-up example.


  • Build a Grid gadget using the Google Gadget and Open Social specifications. We include three example gadgets: cyberaideJobman.xml, cyberaideFiletransfer.xml, and cyberaidejsportal. These can be added to iGoogle or to the OGCE Gadget Container


Project Information


Cyberaide JavaScript's download is mostly self-contained, with the following exceptions.

    • If getting the code from SVN, you need an SVN client tool. The examples below show the command line client.
    • You need Java SDK version 1.6 or higher, but all other software is included in the download.
    • Cyberaide JavaScript is designed to work with common Grid services (MyProxy, GRAM, GridFTP), so you need these installed somewhere (such as the NSF TeraGrid ).
    • However, you do not need to install additional clients or command line tools to these services on your portal server.

Get the Code

Choose from one of the options below.

  • (Option A) Get the SC09 release code (stable) from SVN:
  svn checkout
  • (Option B) Get the SC09 release tar file:
 Cyberaide SC09 Release
  • (Option C) Get the latest SVN code:
  svn checkout cyberaide-javascript

Building Cyberaide JavaScript

  • Unpack Apache Maven (included) and add to your path:
  cd cyberaide-javascript
  tar -zxf apache-maven-2.2.1-bin.tar.gz
  export PATH=`pwd`/apache-maven-2.2.1/bin:$PATH
  • Edit pom.xml <properties/> to set appropriate values for your server. You will need to change
    • <portal.server.ip/>
    • <>
  • Build and install:
  mvn clean install
  • Start the tomcat server:
  • Point your browser to the start page.
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