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Time Presenters Title Paper Presentation
Session 1: Tools and Services I
9:00-9:30Gregor von Laszewski The Design of the FutureGrid Experiment Management FrameworkPaperSlides
9:30-10:00 Warren Smith A Service for Queue Prediction and Job StatisticsPaper Slides
10:00-10:30Shreyas Cholia, David Skinner and Joshua Boverhof NEWT: A RESTful Service to Build Web Applications for High Performance Computing Paper Slides
Break: 10:30-11:00
Session 2: Tools and Services II
11:00-11:30 Udayanga S. Wickramasinghe, Charith D. Wickramarachchi, Pradeep Fernando, Dulanjanie Sumanasena, Srinath Perera and Sanjiva WeerawaranaBISSA: Empowering Web-Gadget Communication with Tuple Spaces Paper Slides
11:30-12:00 Han Zhang, Jungha Woo, Lan Zhao, David Braun, Carol Song and Madhavan Lakshminarayanan Domain-specific web services for scientific application developersPaperSlides
Lunch: 12:00-1:00
Session 3: Applications I
1:00-1:30Mark Miller, Wayne Pfeiffer and Terri Schwartz Creating the CIPRES Science Gateway for Inference of Large Phylogenetic Trees Paper Slides
1:30-2:00Alisa G. Neeman, Steven M. Gallo and Efstratios Efstathiadis Collaborative Research in a Regional Grid -- Using HUBzero to Facilitate Collaboration Paper Slides
2:00-2:30Choonhan Youn, Chaitan Baru, Anthony Mrse and Joseph O'Connor NMR Cyberinfrastructure: Web-Based Virtual File System for Managing the Distributed NMR Data PaperSlides
2:30-3:00Matthew R. Hanlon, Stephen Mock, Praveen Nuthulapati, Martin Wojciechowski, Nirav Merchant, Richard McCourt, Brent Mishler, Susan Tremblay, Thomas Madsen, Richard Olmstead, Pamela Soltis, Douglas Soltis, Lucas C. Majure, Adam Payton and Michael Gonzales A Phylogenetically Structured Social Network Paper Slides
Session 4: Applications II
3:30-4:00Roger Curry, Cameron Kiddle, Rob Simmonds and Gilberto Zonta Pastorello Jr. An On-line Collaborative Data Management System Paper Slides
4:00-4:30Catherine Ruby, Mark Green and Stephen Miller Orbiter Commander: A Flexible Application Framework for Service-Based Scientific Computing EnvironmentsPaper Slides
4:30-5:00Sashi Kiran Challa, Marlon Pierce and Suresh Marru Integrating Chemistry Scholarship with Web Architectures, Grid Computing and Semantic Web PaperSlides
Session 5: Sustaining Gateways
5:00-5:30 Nancy Wilkins-Diehr and Katherine Lawrence Opening Science Gateways to Future Success: The Challenges of Gateway SustainabilityPaperSlides