From Gce07

Sunday, November 11

Time Title Presenters Paper Presentation
9:45-10:00 Welcome and Overview Marlon Pierce -
Session 1: Application Portals
10:00-10:30 A Science Collaboration Environment for the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation Choonhan Youn, Chaitan Baru, Ahmed Elgamal and Dogan Seber Youn.pdfSlides
10:30-11:00 Building QuakeSim Portlets with GTLAB Mehmet Nacar, Marlon E. Pierce and Andrea Donnellan Nacar.pdf Slides
11:00-11:30 SimpleGrid Toolkit: Enabling Efficient Learning and Development of TeraGrid Science GatewayShaowen Wang, Yan Liu, Nancy Wilkins-Diehr and Stuart Martin Wang.pdf Slides
Break until 1:00 pm
Session 2: Gateway Infrastructure
1:00-1:30 A Grid Authorization Model for Science Gateways Tom Scavo and Von WelchScavo.pdf Slides
1:30-2:00 GridTorrent Framework: A High-performance Data Transfer and Data Sharing Framework for Scientific Computing Ali Kaplan, Geoffrey C. Fox and Gregor von LaszewskiKaplan.pdf Slides
2:00-2:30 Python for Scientific Gateways Development Randy Heiland, Sean Mooney, Joshua Boverhof, Keith Jackson, Marcus Christie, Maciek Swat, Ariel Balter and Joseph InsleyHeiland.pdf Slides
Session 3: Visualization Gateways
3:00-3:30 Watt: A Compiler for Automated Visualization Service Generation Evan Bollig, Martin Lyness and Gordon Erlebacher Bollig.pdfSlides
3:30-4:00 Creating Grid Resources for Use in Undergraduate Coursework John Huffman, Richard Repasky and Joseph RinkovskyHuffman.pdf Slides
4:00-4:30 Life Beyond the Browser: The TeraDRE David Braun, X. Carol Song and Laura ArnsSong.pdf Slides
4:30-5:00 Day 1 Speaker Panel, SC07 Demo Announcements, and Wrap Up All-

Monday, November 12

Time Title Presenters Paper Presentation
Session 4: Web 2.0 and Gateways, Part I
9:00-9:30 The Web as the Platform for Research (invited)Savas Parastaditis, Microsoft Abstract Slides
9:30-10:00 Integrating Cutting-edge Research into Learning through Web 2.0 and Virtual Environments Krishna Madhavan and Sebastien GoasguenMadhavan.pdf
10:00-10:30 Providing Dynamic Virtualized Access to Grid Resources via the Web 2.0 Paradigm Luca Clementi, Zhaohui Ding, Sriram Krishnan, Xiaohui Wei, Peter Arzberger and Wilfred W. Li Clementi.pdf Slides
Session 5: Web 2.0 and Gateways, Part II
10:30-11:00 The Vine Toolkit (invited)Michael Russell, Poznan Supercomputing CenterAbstract Slides
11:00-11:30 The Integration of AJAX, Interactive X Windows Applications and Application Input Generation into the UCLA Grid Portal Joan Slottow, Prakashan Korambath and Kejian JinSlottow.pdf Slides
11:30-12:00 Towards A Rich-Context Participatory CyberenvironmentYong Liu, Robert McGrath, James Myers and Joe FutrelleLiu.pdf Slides
Break Until 1:00
Session 6: Instruments and Gateways
1:00-1:30 A Portal-based interface for compositing multiple streams of experimental data to videoGilead Kutnick, Donald McMullen, Kianosh Huffman and Yu MaKutnick.pdf Slides
1:30-2:00 Multitier Portal Architecture for Thin- and Thick-client Neutron Scattering Experiment Support Mark L. Green and Stephen D. Miller Green.pdf Slides
2:00-2:30 Enabling User-Oriented Data Access in a Satellite Data Portal Rajesh Kalyanam, Lan Zhao, Taezoon Park, Larry Biehl and X. Carol SongZhao.pdf Slides
Session 7: Information Services
2:30-3:00 Information Services for the TeraGrid (invited)J. P. Navarro, ANL/TeraGrid Abstract Slides
Break until 3:30
3:30-4:00 Portlets for User Centric Job and Task Monitoring for Open Science Grid Virtual Organizations David Alexander, Rooparani Pundaleeka, Jerome Lauret and Valeri Fine Alexander.pdf Slides
4:00-4:30 JavaScript COG Kit (invited) Gregor von Laszewski, RIT Abstract Slides
4:30-5:00Wrap Up, Day 2 Round Table, and SC07 Demo Announcements All-